Zim Zimmerman

Zim Zimmerman is not someone who buckles under the weight of his job. In fact, he thrives on high-pressure environments. Zim cut his teeth in the aerospace industry, spending 34 years at Lockheed Martin, a global defense company, performing tests for the U.S. Air Force’s F-16 fighter jets – while going Mach 2.5.

In his last 11 years with Lockheed as VP of Product Support, Zim was issued the daunting task of monitoring the mass production of F-16’s. It was his responsibility to inspect every visible aspect of these high-speed assault vehicles to ensure they were ready for use by the Air Force’s top pilots. Zim’s attention to detail was the main reason his company’s operation rate out of assembly was an unheard-of 95 percent, 35 percent higher than the average rate. It seems that the higher the stakes, the more you could count on Zim.

Forever the flight engineer, Zim has always looked for ways to streamline operations by improving speed and effectiveness. When elected by Mayor Betsy Price as Chairman of the Board at MedStar – Tarrant County’s exclusive emergency ambulance provider – Zim coordinated the mobile medical staff with the local fire department, reduced the time it took for first responders to arrive in emergencies, and helped turn MedStar into the premier ambulance company it is today.

But Zim didn’t stop there, as a city councilman he has worked to make Fort Worth a well-oiled machine. He has brought his vision and attention to detail to every facet of the community, constantly challenging the city’s staff to rethink and improve proposals and projects that aren’t up to specs. Zim knows the squeaky wheel gets the grease, so he keeps his ear to the ground, listening to the people of Fort Worth and hearing what is most important to the taxpayers. By turning around the city’s $70 million deficit, lowering taxes and investing millions into the city’s infrastructure, Zim has accomplished what many of his detractors say couldn’t be done. In fact, it seems the only thing that can slow Zim down these days is his grandchildren.