Cut Property Taxes… Again!

As your city councilman, Zim successfully led the charge to cut Fort Worth’s tax rate. Even so, the rapid rise of property values in the area has increased taxes for many homeowners in our community. Despite cutting property taxes last year, he knows that taxes are still too high, and he will push for another tax cut this year. While most of the taxes we pay go to our schools, Zim knows the city can take the lead on tax relief. Zim’s primary focus is to keep taxes under control using his business-like approach, efficiently spending taxpayer’s money on the things that matter most.

Continued Road Improvements

Zim has fought to make quality improvements to our local infrastructure, including the widening of the I-30 corridor and the reconstruction of the Chapel Creek Bridge, and when re-elected will continue to make our streets better. Taxpayers can see their dollars hard at work throughout Fort Worth, and with Zim’s experience managing multi-million dollar projects at Lockheed, he is the most qualified person to make sure the streets are fixed quickly and under budget.

Safer Communities

Zim works hand-in-hand with local crime watch organizations and the police officers to make sure they have the necessary resources to keep our neighborhoods safe. Zim knows that bringing the community together, by having a healthy relationship between our neighborhoods and those sworn to protect it, is the best way to protect our families.  Endorsed by the Fort Worth Police Association for his relentless efforts in fighting crime, Zim knows what it takes to keep our neighborhoods safe.

Improved Parks and Playgrounds

If it’s important to the community, it’s important to Zim. He has made it a point to represent the needs of the taxpayers by making improvements to the trails and parks in the area. Zim raised his family right here in Fort Worth, a member of the community for over 50 years – he loves this city. He enjoyed watching his children grow, playing soccer in the neighborhood parks, and he wants the other families in this community to have the absolute best quality parks and playgrounds to make memories of their own.

Greater Economic Development

As a young businessman, Zim believed in being hands-on and learned that a great leader doesn’t lead from behind a desk. Today, he uses this exact method to attract new businesses and jobs to Fort Worth.  Zim knows that if we grow the tax base, not taxes, we can provide tax relief for our homeowners. DFW is the top job market in the nation thanks to the work of leaders like Zim Zimmerman.

Quality Education

As VP of Product Support for Lockheed Martin, Zim oversaw nearly 3,400 employees working across the globe, including nations like Turkey and Israel. With a degree in aerospace engineering, Zim knows that a great education can take you anywhere in the world, but it has to start in the early stages. He wants Forth Worth schools to be the shining example of the Metroplex, and he knows there’s a lot of work to be done to get there. Zim is committed to supporting our local schools because he knows how vital education is to our children’s success in the business world.

Top-Of-The-Line City Services

Zim knows that with all the great improvements to the Fort Worth area, basic services can’t become something the city overlooks. With increased traffic to the area and better jobs on the horizon, things like trash pick-up, sanitation services, and code enforcement are essential in protecting our quality of life.